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The most important part of learning how make films, more so than technique, is to observe and appreciate the artists before you.

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The RIAA and its Partners Owe the Musical World a Little More than Royalties

I am disgusted with the music industry.

A man or group makes a song that is perfectly well on its own.

Some time after, some loser hired by the RIAA and a flashy studio "samples" their song and ruins it.

Unfortunately, these versions are seen as "better" because people listening don't have a passion for music and the integrity it builds in a person.

Music shapes a person so much more than anything than I have seen.

Think about it
Songs from the 80's were mainly about finding love with the dream girl
Songs from the classical era were focused on class and sophistication
Songs from the 60's-70's implied the endorsement of mental exploration and discovery

Today's pop revolves around disgusting sex craved attitudes that promote "easy" behavior and sluttish attitudes. I hate the current music industry for corrupting our generation with its paganistic ideals that we should be slaves to animalistic desire and disgusting behavior.


Next Critique Underway

Dante's Disneyland Inferno is about a quarter finished and there is a RIDICULOUS amount of writing to it. I am excite :P

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Music Episode 2: THE TURN OF EVENTS

Alrighty kids, fasten those distasteful seatbelts because I've found a better way to do music stuff.

1) Leave me comments asking me to review artists. Leave me pop culture ones for funny reviews where I rage about under-talented billionaires, and other artists for a detailed in-depth research paper about why they are awesome and other artists that I would suggest as a good listen w/ a short description about them.

2) I'll either make a poll if I can't choose OR I'll do multiple blogs about the artist(s), one blog per artist :3

3) Spread me to your friends, so they can torture me with the suffering of eternal written composition.

number 4 is pretty self-explanatory

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Is Planning Really Essentual To Success?

Yes, but only to a certain point.

As I learn the ropes of writing a blog that wasn't thrown together in about 30 minutes, I find that I do have to make some sort of outline, or I'll lose myself. I made a pre-write for this topic, but I got bored by reading it so I'm doing it out of possibility. This leads me to my point and saves you guys some time from reading my usually long posts.

I'll break up the writing in simple paragraphs for easy reading

Some things must be planned with little to no room for error, but this only applies to concrete procedure and methodology. This refers to mechanical drawings, construction, and other precision work.

However, many of our lives have too many instances where a procedure cannot be applied. This goes for consoling a person, dealing with a some strange instance or exception to daily work, glitches, and whatever inconveniencethat would be always impossible to predict.

On that thought, create the possibility for error in your mind and create an escape route to quickly circumvent any issue. For construction, allow for a % of overstock in materials in the case that some may be rendered unusable by unpredictable instance.

The example is easy to use in everyday life.

Plan for success, provide extra for error, improvise the unusual.

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Made this in study hall, consider it a bump as you guys wait for the next real posts :)

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Look what I made in study hall :D

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I just got a neat Idea for a piece while I wait for results from the poll :)

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My Take On Popular Culture Episode 1 : Public Opinion

Today's American and 'civilized' world culture is based extensively on electronic input. In order to understand this, one must ask a very important series of questions and be detailed about their context. Where did you get your taste in music? why do you like it? have you explored "all" types of music? Have you attempted to search? where? why? etc. the list of questions roots to something very simple. Your most popular tracks on the market probably come from a place not many people pay attention to or, in some cases, never heard of. More-so, I can safely assume the same deal with what many people understand about today's world. I've noticed that in many encounters with people, who's interests I know nothing of, respond almost anti-socially to the questions "What belief system do you hold true to?" or "What is your personal opinion on net neutrality?". Their responses rest with "I don't talk about religion/ politics" or in even worse cases, "I AM OFFENDED __________" My point rests with the fact that people are often offended or uncomfortable with topics that have been rested largely on public opinion. I will split this piece into a few parts now so I don't lose myself and, more importantly, the reader.

Public Opinion:

Let's get started on something relatively simple. I briefly explained a strange process of in-depth questioning. Here, I'll explain why I went through the trouble of raging over it. It starts with automated response. When I say a word that holds some sort of controversy to it, lets say, women's rights/equality. How would you respond? would you say "Yeah! I think we as a society are progressing GREATLY because of it *:D*" That opinion is neat and all but is it your perception of the issue? I have general rule of thumb when it comes to intellectual discussion about topics such as these:
1: Know your topic and the question it poses (Do women need rights? what happens when the attempt to use said rights?)

2: discard opinion until your facts have been researched

3: know where your 'facts' come from and check them with at least 2-3 sources (Google is pretty neat and make sure you follow this rule or your future opinion WILL be worthless)

4: recognize the history of the topic and its afflicted parties in their entirety

5: consider all the checked and factual information you have gathered and lean in the direction you prefer on the topic. (It does not have to be a choice A or B thing {gay and straight marriage debate - I chose the idea that marriage licenses should be gotten rid of all together as it allows a secular power to decide who you'll be happy with})

6: establish methods to bring about your point with ringers that draw interest to your argument so you may re-educate your opponent using your facts (really? Are you aware of "_"?)

Of course, you could always watch the news and be another man/ women/ child/ dolphin with an education on current events that is...... incomplete, putting it nicely.

My point?

If you have never heard of or used this process, then you may be asking, "Why take so much time to build an argument on one subject?" The answer can be equated to the analogy of a lawyer building a case to ensure a rapist goes to prison. If that guy doesn't build a case and make it a priority that a guilty man pay the punishment of his crimes, and we all assume that it will be decided for us, where does someone draw the line?

As a final note regarding my opinion towards the media*, I believe that they have done a swell job creating the perfect consumer. After all it's nice knowing you have the free will to not think for yourself. Right?

* Major Media Outlets

RIAA - Recording Industry of America - Responsible for what gets a record deal and an instant platinum album along with millions of dollars. many companies are aligned with it to create a monopoly of music industry.

MPAA - Motion Picture Association of America - Much like the RIAA but with movies

Fox, NBC, CNN - news networks responsible for showing you detail instead of a story of today's events while forgetting to display the ridiculous amount of corruption in the world. see also: thinks for you

Most likely, I'm missing things, but I'm tired XP. The next episode will explain my dealings on the music industry.

Love ya guys,
I just got an Idea on a Blog topic. It addresses my theories of today's pop culture and the media along with other parties' involvement.

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Music : Episode 1

I find today's music extremely interesting

A LOT of it is simply terrible, if you're used to listening to music that follows a certain production standard

for instance, i cannot, will not, shall not, and do everything i can to not listen to most things on the radio that fall under the genre of dubstep, alternative hard rock, pop, and many other things that are commonly found on the radio.

Not to say that I believe all of that form of music is bad. There is good kinds of it, just not on the radio.

Club / Indie
I've listened to a plethora of club music and more obscure music than you can shake a stick at in under 5 minutes without using a computer. That being said, Lady Gaga is neither talented, strange, or a woman. The 'weird' outfits she sports are unmistakably over-designed to make a response such as disgust or shock due to the unfamiliarity of material. This being said, she is attempting to be an 'indie'. Keyword, 'attempting'. Anyone that must attempt and lie about it makes a mockery of themselves and their music. To be honest, her songs would only be "OK" if they were produced instrumentally. Even then, it would still be sub-par. Sun City Girls is currently my favorite independent group along with Animal Collective. they have a spark of life and created their own tones and style while maintaining a vision of who they are. SCG, the exclusively inclusive band that has managed to alienate their crowd with ridiculous forms of music while showing that they possess the skill and ability to create truly beautiful music. I will continue My thoughts next time covering what ever genre you like. simply make a comment below so I know I'm not wasting my time :). I kinda made this post in a half-assed manner so please, if you would like me to go more in depth with this article, I can do that.

I would love to talk about anything music-related that you guys would fancy reading about :P. Also I have not done Sun City Girls any justice by posting that link. If i do make another article, I'll spend perhaps 2-3 days on it.

Keep in mind my opinions are based on some level of fact so they bear some validity, and are not a waste of time to read.