Thursday, February 17, 2011

Music : Episode 1

I find today's music extremely interesting

A LOT of it is simply terrible, if you're used to listening to music that follows a certain production standard

for instance, i cannot, will not, shall not, and do everything i can to not listen to most things on the radio that fall under the genre of dubstep, alternative hard rock, pop, and many other things that are commonly found on the radio.

Not to say that I believe all of that form of music is bad. There is good kinds of it, just not on the radio.

Club / Indie
I've listened to a plethora of club music and more obscure music than you can shake a stick at in under 5 minutes without using a computer. That being said, Lady Gaga is neither talented, strange, or a woman. The 'weird' outfits she sports are unmistakably over-designed to make a response such as disgust or shock due to the unfamiliarity of material. This being said, she is attempting to be an 'indie'. Keyword, 'attempting'. Anyone that must attempt and lie about it makes a mockery of themselves and their music. To be honest, her songs would only be "OK" if they were produced instrumentally. Even then, it would still be sub-par. Sun City Girls is currently my favorite independent group along with Animal Collective. they have a spark of life and created their own tones and style while maintaining a vision of who they are. SCG, the exclusively inclusive band that has managed to alienate their crowd with ridiculous forms of music while showing that they possess the skill and ability to create truly beautiful music. I will continue My thoughts next time covering what ever genre you like. simply make a comment below so I know I'm not wasting my time :). I kinda made this post in a half-assed manner so please, if you would like me to go more in depth with this article, I can do that.

I would love to talk about anything music-related that you guys would fancy reading about :P. Also I have not done Sun City Girls any justice by posting that link. If i do make another article, I'll spend perhaps 2-3 days on it.

Keep in mind my opinions are based on some level of fact so they bear some validity, and are not a waste of time to read.


  1. I agree with this in so many ways.

    More club!

  2. I liked her a lot more before she became famous. although i didnt hear about her until she became famous so i guess its a double edge sword.

  3. Very interesting post. I agree on so many levels. I'm always glad to know there are true music enthusiasts such as myself out there.