Thursday, March 3, 2011

Is Planning Really Essentual To Success?

Yes, but only to a certain point.

As I learn the ropes of writing a blog that wasn't thrown together in about 30 minutes, I find that I do have to make some sort of outline, or I'll lose myself. I made a pre-write for this topic, but I got bored by reading it so I'm doing it out of possibility. This leads me to my point and saves you guys some time from reading my usually long posts.

I'll break up the writing in simple paragraphs for easy reading

Some things must be planned with little to no room for error, but this only applies to concrete procedure and methodology. This refers to mechanical drawings, construction, and other precision work.

However, many of our lives have too many instances where a procedure cannot be applied. This goes for consoling a person, dealing with a some strange instance or exception to daily work, glitches, and whatever inconveniencethat would be always impossible to predict.

On that thought, create the possibility for error in your mind and create an escape route to quickly circumvent any issue. For construction, allow for a % of overstock in materials in the case that some may be rendered unusable by unpredictable instance.

The example is easy to use in everyday life.

Plan for success, provide extra for error, improvise the unusual.

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  1. "Plan for success, provide extra for error, improvise the unusual."

    This is the only way you can truly achieve success.