Thursday, March 24, 2011

The RIAA and its Partners Owe the Musical World a Little More than Royalties

I am disgusted with the music industry.

A man or group makes a song that is perfectly well on its own.

Some time after, some loser hired by the RIAA and a flashy studio "samples" their song and ruins it.

Unfortunately, these versions are seen as "better" because people listening don't have a passion for music and the integrity it builds in a person.

Music shapes a person so much more than anything than I have seen.

Think about it
Songs from the 80's were mainly about finding love with the dream girl
Songs from the classical era were focused on class and sophistication
Songs from the 60's-70's implied the endorsement of mental exploration and discovery

Today's pop revolves around disgusting sex craved attitudes that promote "easy" behavior and sluttish attitudes. I hate the current music industry for corrupting our generation with its paganistic ideals that we should be slaves to animalistic desire and disgusting behavior.


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